Insight 400 LH Rangefinder

Insight 400 LH Rangefinder


The Insight 400 LH  Laser Rangefinder is an easy-to-use instrument designed with utilities, landscaping, forestry, construction, fire-fighting and a variety of other professional markets in mind.

  • 400 Yard Rangefinder
  • Accurate within 1 yard
  • Horizontal + Angle + Height
  • Dimensions (in): 3.8L X 1.8H X 5.1W
  • Reads in feet, yards or meters
  • Speaker on/off capability
  • Battery saving feature
  • LH = Laser Hypsometer
  • Made in USA


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All of our Insight Laser Rangefinders are easy to use instruments, designed to be incorporated in a variety of different applications. With a ranging ability from 4-800 yards (meters) depending on model, each unit allows rapid, accurate range determination of the acquired target with single touch operation in about a second giving you the opportunity to make accurate judgments for all ranging applications. Each unit displays range data using both an internal LED and external LCD simultaneously.

Powered by a single 9-volt battery the User Programmable LH rangefinders read in either feet, meters, or yards, and the user is able to turn the speaker on and off. To save batteries, the instrument automatic times out when the instrument is not in use. With several models to choose from, the applications are endless with an Insight rangefinder in your tool assortment.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Black, Safety Yellow

Operational Range

4-400 yards

Range Accuracy

+/- 1 yard


Internal LED, external LCD