Insight 400 LH-Pro Rangefinder – Refurbished


Insight 400 LH-Pro Rangefinder – Refurbished

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This rugged and durable hypsometer allows for measurement of object heights using the two or three point height measurement mode. Also featured is horizontal and line of sight distance in meters and feet, as well as angle and a percent grade mode. This unit comes standard in our safety yellow color for easy locating.

Our “LH Pro” features the latest in range finding technology with a ranging ability from 4-400 yards (meters) on a passive target, this unit provides 30CM/1ft accuracy. Each unit displays range data using both an internal LED and external LCD simultaneously.

  • Dimensions (in): 3.8L X 1.8H X 5.1W
  • Minimum Range: 12 feet
  • Max Range, Passive: 1200 ft (400 yards)
  • Max Range, Reflective: 1800 feet (600 yards)
  • Magnification: 1X
  • Optics: MgF Multi-Coated
  • Range Accuracy: +/-1 Foot (30cm)
  • Read Out: Internal Red LED & External LCD w/.3 foot (.3 cm) increment
  • Modes Included: Horizontal Distance, Hypsometer w/2 and 3 point height measurements, angle measurement
  • Degree Angle Accuracy: +/-1 Degree
  • This product is made in the USA


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The LH-Pro combines years of range-finding expertise into a compact, accurate utility tool. Featuring new 1ft. accurate technology, the LH-Pro will provide reading accurate to the foot (30cm) in whole feet increments ranging from a minimum distance of twelve feet out to twelve hundred feet on a passive target and will range out to eighteen hundred feet on a reflective target. Reading the display is simple with the internal LED display and an external LCD display, allowing the user to view the distances while looking through the viewfinder or moving the unit away from the eye to record the reading. The LH-Pro includes a 9V battery and a nylon carrying case for the upmost protection.

Alongside the 1ft accuracy, the LH-Pro features a series of useful modes for its users. Featuring line of sight and horizontal distance modes, this unit will measure objects out to eighteen hundred feet on a reflective target. For those users needing to measure heights of objects, the two and three point measurement modes will provide accurate height readings. The two-point height measurement requires users to range the top and bottom of the object, whereas the three-point mode requires the top, middle and a variable bottom target to be acquired. Furthermore, the LH-Pro will provide the angle in degrees and the angle in percent grade. If you are looking for a high accuracy multi-functioning ranging tool at a reasonable price, the LH-Pro is for you. For more information on this new product, feel free to contact our sales sales department.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Operational Range

4-400 yd (passive) up to 600 (reflective)

Range Accuracy

+/- 1 foot




Internal LED | external LCD


Single 9 volt battery (included)